Certified Personal Trainer & Health Coach

Hi! It's so nice to meet you. My name is Cassy and I'm NASM certified Personal Trainer and ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor living in San Diego, CA .

My mission and purpose is simple. I don’t want health and fitness to be synonymous with skinny and perfect and muscular and all of those terms that are strictly related to our appearance. It’s so much more than that. That SHOULDN’T be our main goal.

I want to create a group of people who take care of their minds and bodies for reasons other than because society tells them they need to fit into some superficial norm. So many women start to eat healthy only with the goal in mind to look like a particular person or to have a particular body and when they see that’s either impossible or extremely difficult to achieve, they stop. If they went into it with the mindset that they’re just doing it to be healthy and confident and lead an empowered life where they can do all those things they’ve always dreamed of, then they would never stop because they would have already achieved their goal the second they stepped into the gym. The second they nourished their body properly. The second they nourished their soul properly.

My goal is to do that by empowering you with information, not just by showing them some workout I do to get a “nice, toned butt” or “sexy shoulders”. I want for you to know the WHY behind things that’s backed by real evidence and research (not me just making it up because I saw someone else post about it) so you can make the most informed decisions for your body for yourself because we’re all different.

It’s so easy to call yourself a health coach nowadays or online trainer or nutritionist and have no credentials to back it up. Then those people gain a following and deliver information that’s inaccurate and could potentially cause more harm than good because their followers trust them and believe everything they say.

I don’t want you to idolize me because they think I have some perfect body (like most influencers try to get you to do) then follow everything I say or do just because you think it’s going to get you to look a specific way. I want to empower you with information and knowledge enough to trust yourself and know what’s best for your body and to not have your looks be a factor in determining what’s best for their mental or physical health.



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